Could the Perfect Moment Be Now?

This is what I have started to wonder suddenly. Maybe we are chasing after a perfect moment or perfect situation in life where all the pieces would be in a perfect place.. When you are in the dream job, doing something you have a calling for.. Living in the perfect little house with the most beautiful garden.. Having the kids running around, not anymore too small but not yet too big either.. Living with your partner and you don´t have to anymore argue about big (or small) things.. Having a life comfortably in your hands without having to put too much effort in any aspect of it. Isn´t it something like that we are after?

Well, at least it is something like I am (was) imagining.. Until this thought suddenly caught me. What if the perfect moment is NOW? What if it was already a year ago a perfect moment  to lead to this new ‘now’? Which will hopefully be the perfect gateway to the future ‘now’. It is and it was never meant to be perfect all the way. Is it possible that we are chasing after some idea, kind of utopia, that will never exist as it is in our minds. As a result of this, we forget to see what we do have now, in front of our eyes.


If, a big if, it could be like this, could we enjoy this moment more? Could we be less worried what will happen in the future? Would we be less annoyed with the daily disturbances we without a doubt are encountering? This would not mean that we should be careless about the future or that we should not try to make a difference in our own or others’ lives. It means to make the best at this exact moment, to care about me and others around me. But it would also mean to trust ourselves, kind of  instinct what is the right thing to do, and not to be afraid of the future.

Then how to stay focused on the present moment? Doing the same things the same way can make the mind bored and dull. It can be something very small to trick the mind: Change a ring to another finger or change the watch to another wrist and you see that the you are paying more attention to this moment. Of course, we get used to changes very fast. Another thing to do is to do something we are doing every day in a bit different way: Pack you bag in a different order, do your morning ritual the other way around.. Find the way to distract your mind to this moment. The rituals are not a bad thing per se. It makes life easier but at the same time it makes life predictable and it might stop us to change. Otherwise you might end up to do the same things years in and out.. Driving to the same workplace excact the same route every day and you might stop seeing your possibilites in life. Where else could I go? What else could I do? What else would I want to do?

“It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.”
Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist


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